I am looking forward to the Miami trip, the new apartment, my birthday, getting my extensions re-taped. But for every new exciting thing in my life there are 100 ordinary days. The days I have to do laundry, sit in a cubicle, and spend 2 hours in traffic. So I am always on the lookout for things that can improve those mundane days that are the foundation to my future.

The term "wellth" was coined by Jason Wachob the founder of mindbodygreen, an amazing website about all things wellness. Wellth is about abundance in all spheres of your life. A healthy balance between spiritual purpose and material success. 

So in honor of wellth, the weekend aka the list of chores awaiting me this weekend; I thought I'd share some practical tips for the everyday.

1. digit.co : sneaky little app that will squirrel away money from your checking account and save it for a rainy day

2. dirty dozen: list of ingredients you do not want on your skin

3. ten uncommon super-foods: so you can be like the people who wake up at 5AM for a run


The above pseudo ad for Equinox epitomizes my vision of Zen. Open spaces, early mornings, white sheets, quiet, solitude, tranquility. No clutter, no extra stuff, no rush. Room to breathe, room to move, room to focus on yourself. Your deep desires, feelings and attachments.

Felt inspired reading zenhabits.net post "Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff




There is nothing more interesting, complicated, captivating and frustrating in the world than people. Their struggles, their choices, their fears and insecurities. Their tastes and passions and habits. Today I came across two articles about two lives laced with regrets, glamour and fashion. 

Paul Cavaco, Stylist - Interview by intothegloss.com

In Bed With Robert Evans, Producer - Interview by violetgrey.com