blog lovin

Some of my favorite blogs.

Seriously though, my site would not exist if it weren't for the above inspirations. I used to be addicted to fashion magazines, now I am addicted to blogs. I probably spent hours of "corporate work time" browsing the pages of these sites and ultimately creating one of my own. Even though I am just starting out,  I hope to achieve even just a sliver of the creativity, inspiration, and success the above ladies have shared with their readers.


I am a virtual hoarder. At any given point in time I have at least 10 things in shopping carts across 5 online retailers and at least 20 more "must haves" bookmarked under various tabs. You would never know this if you met me, I like to keep my wardrobe and beauty cabinets as pristine as possible. Having more than one moisturizer stresses me out, and having five pairs of black leggings is just extra laundry in my opinion. In reality I love the freedom of a simple bodycon dress and a 2-step beauty routine. But in virtual reality....I relish in my desire for new beautiful things. I want to want things more than I want to have them. 

Now that I outed my addiction, I thought I'd share some things that I can't wait to try...once I run out of my existing products...because yes, I do have that kind of discipline. 

1. SK-II Pitera Essence, apparently its the equivalent of discovering the fountain of youth.

2. Immunocologie Day Protection, I'll be honest, it reads like a glorified moisturizer. But I can't help myself when it comes to the packaging. It's minimalist yet pretentious...slay.

3. Givenchy Mister Light, I am a die hard YSL Touche Eclat fan, but this promises to be just as good and $10 cheaper. 

4. Powder Essence, basically magic pixie dust from Korea. As you rub the powder onto skin it turns into a liquid serum. I always knew fairy tales were real.

5. New Wash, shampoo and conditioner in one...but not really. Apparently the only reason we need conditioner is to repair the damage that the shampoo did to our hair. This product is like a magic carpet ride into a whole new world.



I've been having a major obsession with NET-A-PORTER lately, despite never having bought anything from the site. It's like I am building anticipation for when the moment of "ADD TO SHOPPING BAG" finally arrives. I image the sophisticated black box arriving on the passenger seat of a Lincoln Town Car, with a manicured chauffeur wearing a Valentino suit and black leather gloves. Is it normal to have fantasies about a retail site? 

Everything from the crisp minimalism of the font to the perfectly spaced out lettering sends shivers down my perfectionist spine. 

Every item on the above set probably represents some undercurrent of my personality. Just for clarification, that sex toy looking thing is actually a pillow meant to prevent wrinkles. I know it crossed your mind. 

1. Candle, once melted it turns into a face oil. Enough said!

2. Probiotic face towels for every day of the week. Makes me feel clean just thinking about them. 

3. Masculine watch, even though I will continue to use my I-Phone to check the time.

4. Health supplement, because it's good for you and comes in a gorgeous looking jar. Plus there is something supernatural looking about it. Makes me think back to childhood cartoons of witches boiling mysterious ingredients in giant kettles.

5. Body suit from Beyonce's IVY PARK athletic wear line. Let's be serious, I will not be wearing that to LITHE classes. But I might throw it on with some black pumps and black skinny jeans.

6. Silk face pillow, to keep me looking 27.75 forever.

7. Lace bra, to wear while I am burning candles, applying oil to my face and drinking the green concoction. Whoever said that beauty is pain?

8. Fornasetti candle, because there's a surprise on the back.




To piggyback off my ZEN post yesterday about accumulation of "stuff", and just in time for spring cleaning, I was inspired to do a closet purge. Because: 5 curling irons, 7 bandage dresses from college, 15 pairs of "too small shoes", 17 white button downs, 6 pairs of sneakers that I don't use, and close to 20 face serums that are probably past their expiration date. I love my stuff, but it also frustrates me, makes me late for appointments, and collects dust. Not to mention reminds me when I had too much pizza.

Well lucky for me, I came across an exceptional Closet Detox guide.